Starting every Saturday at 3:00pm, there will be a hymns class to EVERY Middle School Boys and Girls based on the Esmo Erof Curriculum, but at a faster pace, in addition to more hymns. Also, they will be participating in the Annual Diocese Hymns Competition from February-September, yearly. All audio and lyrics will be posted on here. Please check online every couple of days, and bring your binder and notebook every week. You can also bring an electronic device to class so you can access this website. If you haven’t received a binder yet, you will get it on the very first day you come to the class. Everyone is encouraged to come! There will be a points system consisting of great prizes for all students. We will also go on various trips and have great Godly fellowship with each other. Everyone is encouraged and obliged to come!

Please print out or contact George Fahmy for filling out the contact information sheet as you scroll up and down on this page, being very important.

Hope to See You All!!!


God Bless You All Always. Pray for this Fruitful and Godly Service. +++